When a vehicle is serviced, the dealer generally notates all the services conducted by VIN NUMBER, therefore, when the VEHICLE HISTORY REPORTS are pulled up on the vehicle, these HISTORY of the vehicle shows the major work done, any accidents, repair works, issues, title status, and more. This is like a VEHICLE SCORE / CREDIT SCORE for a car. Therefore, knowing what the VEHICLE HISTORY REPORTS on the vehicle helps you decide whether going for the used car aligns with your interests. Check Your Vehicle History Reports today.


Where is the VIN NUMBER located?

The VIN NUMBER is located on the dash near the Window Wipers, or on the side of the front driver side door. If the VIN NUMBER is not easily located, then please refer to your vehicle’s CAR MANUAL for details on the location of the VIN NUMBER.


Obtaining your Vehicle History Reports

Vehicle History Reports

When buying a new or used car, you are always interested in knowing the history of the vehicle. This concern generally occurs when purchasing a USED VEHICLE from either a Dealer or a Private Party.

It is always a concern to verify the odometer reading, accident reports, service reports and any other notations that are provided in the Vehicle History Reports.

Keep in mind, the VIN NUMBER, which is generally located on the dash near the Window Wipers or on the side door panel of the vehicle, is the key number you will require in order to check the history. Also keep in mind that this history is accumulated by the dealers and other responsible auto service specialists who keep track of the services incurred on the vehicle, but submitting it to the main Vehicle History Reports database.